These imperfectly brilliant imps are excited to contribute and play with you on this special weekend in the DC Metro area at Intuitive Wellness Center in Burke, VA welcoming Kathy Williams all the way from Maui back for an encore visit.  Join the dynamic duo Betsy and Kathy and get ready to rock your weekend!

Show Me The Money Saturday July 28th - 9:30 - 12:30 ($100)

Is money eluding you?  What if creating money is NOT like what you thought it would be?

Let's clear out limiting beliefs and the points of view that keep you from having the cash, abundance and money you'd like to have.  Join the magical creators Betsy and Kathy and explore LOTS of questions, laughing clearings and  more to show you the money in ways you might not have considered!  How easily can money show up in your world?  Ready to explore? 

Get Out of Your Own Way - And Start Creating Sunday July 29th 10 - 5:30 ($250)

Do you stop yourself from creating the life you'd truly like to be living?  Are you tired of stopping you & your creations from being seen? Do you have a project or projects that have lingered for years on your computer or in your head, and you’re just not getting it done?
Let’s change that. 

Kathy and Betsy are here to lend you a facilitating hand to pull you out of the quicksand and help you get out of your own way.

Our gracious and fabulous hosts for the weekend are Gina Maybury and Miriam Hunter from Intuitive Wellness Center.

If you choose both classes with Betsy and Kathy for this magical weekend, 
receive a VIP price of $280!



What if Your Imperfections are Actually Your Brilliance?