What if Your Imperfections are Actually Your Brilliance?

We created this call series a bit differently.  You can purchase each call individually.  If you decide to purchase the entire series - as a bonus - you will receive 30 minutes of coaching from each facilitator!  How does it get any better than this?  

How many ways have we limited ourselves by our perfectionism and control?  Are you ready to shed the shackles of perfectionism from your life?  

Whenever we’re aiming for perfection, it requires us to constantly judge ourselves and our creations! Is that really fun, or is there another possibility?

What if your creations and your life could be more joyous, exciting, and brilliant than your version of perfect?

Your body is an extension of you. What kind of home have you created it to be? A prison? A palace? Something in between?

Are you a hostile tenant? Are you always in conclusion about what isn't right about your body? Have you judged yourself as too fat, too tall, too pale, too dark, too too too too? 

Are you constantly trying to fix what you've decided is broken? How's that working for you? Would you like to create something different?

What if your body could be more like a palace? Spacious, comfortable, nurturing... beautiful. How would you BE with your body if it showed up that way?

We invite you to jump in the space with us to choose a different reality with your body.

You know what? We've both been there. We've judged our bodies, created prisons, and created ever increasingly palatial physical realities; bodies that are fun, receptive, nurturing, caring, and... beautiful. 

We're inviting you to something different for you and your body. What are the infinite possibilities how it could change in the space of no judgment?

The Energy generated by this tele-call Series with Betsy McLoughlin and Sadie Rose Lake precipitated a massive shift that changed the trajectory of my life.

Set my Body on a path back to Itself.
Allowed 'acknowledgement' for My Body.
Gave recognition/value/ understanding and empathy to My Body
Began my trip toward 'Ease and Peace'

In March of this year, 2015, as I prepared for my trek out of the dregs of an Ontario Winter and on to the sun and warmth of Florida.
I was aware, through Facebook notices that this tele-call series was being offered but I payed it little mind.

In the process of clawing my way back to some semblance of 'Health' after a 15 year total immersion in the horrors of a Fibromyalgia Diagnosis, I was determined to take full advantage of the opportunity for movement and mobility that the Florida climate would provide for me.

I was first diagnosed in 1999 but had been dealing with Fibro 'symptoms' for the better part of 40 years.
Almost total immobility was my constant companion from 2002 onward.

So, here in the 'Spring' of 2015, cane walking carrying me along in 'easier' steps, I had mapped out a Regimen...for my Florida recuperation

'I' was going to MAKE 'this' happen....get Me 'better'

AND then, one morning on the road in Ohio
Post shower, pre-coffee and PJ clad,
I opened my computer to 'see' what was there

I felt the strong Pull of the Energy of Betsy/Sadie's series.
And so, in that instant, I joined.

Later that morning, driving into Kentucky, and long before the first tele-call, my Body was suffused with a shifting 'something' and my Mind was bereft....tears were in my eyes, on my cheeks, I thought my heart might burst.

That morning, on the road between 'here' and 'there', my composition " AN APOLOGY to MY BODY' flowed from my mind.

My mind wept tears of realization
My Body wept tears of gratitude

And e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. changed in those moment.

The follow up telecalls , exercises, tools

and the tender ministering of Betsy and Sadie were wonderful...

as was the willingness and vulnerability of those participating.
Gifts and gratitude, all around.

For Me, however, the Energy of Committing to the Series.... to 'do' for my Body created the impetus that opened me to the continuing Energy created by these lovely women.

When this series, or one like it, is presented again by Betsy and Sadie ....

Sign up.  Take it.  Gift your Body and your Life.

~ Maxine from Canada

Unlocking the Shackles of Perfectionism Telecalls

Transformational coaches and Certified Facilitators Kathy Williams, Sadie Lake and Betsy McLoughlin created a celebration of the best friend you'll ever have.  Would you like to have more ease, communion & effortless communication with your body? 

What if your body always knows what's best for itself? And s/he tells you all the time. Are you listening? Or are you like the overly controlling parent who always thinks you know better? 

Is your relationship strained? Like dealing with a petulant teenager who you don't understand? What if there was a kindness and intimacy available, if you would just be willing to hear your body out?

Betsy, Sadie, and Kathy could probably be considered experts on what not to do! AND, also on how to change it! These three ladies have all come from such different yet similar backgrounds of struggle-to-grace with their bodies. Is their relationship perfect? Nope! But it's always on the up-and-up... because they're willing to explore.

What else is possible for you and your body that you haven't wanted to know that if you were willing to know it, would change everything? We look forward to playing with you!

$97 for 4 1 hour transformation sessions, a PDF of clearings and a clearing loop of all clearings from each call.

Your Body - A Palace or A Prison Telecall Series