What if Your Imperfections are Actually Your Brilliance?

Have you been controlled by guilt?

Did you grow up with a parent, or a religion that inflicted their ideas of rightness and wrongness on you? Maybe you've felt the need to be the good girl/boy, even though you've grown up?  What does “good girl”, “good boy” bring up for you?

How many areas of our lives have we stopped ourselves?  Where we put others wayyy before ourselves?

In this 4 week exploration, join Certified Facilitators Kathy Williams and Betsy McLoughlin as we lift the cloak of guilt and see what else is possible for our lives and our choices!  

How much fun can we choose around this subject?  What?  FUN around guilt?  These former Catholic School girls might know a few things or maybe a few thousand things about guilt!  :)

Begins March 26th, 5:30pm EST, 2:30pm PST, 12:30pm HAST

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$145 for 4 calls!