What if Your Imperfections are Actually Your Brilliance?

Embodying Interesting Point of View is a Master Tool for Creation.

Quote from a couple people who took the 3 Day Interesting Point of View Challenge - 

You are amazing!  I am so grateful for the gifts of your training including the IPOV Challenge - My life has changed.  I see all the possibilities because judgment and all points of view no longer dominate my life.

WOW!  I had no idea how limiting points of view can be.  Thank you both for creating this challenge - when are you doing a longer program on this subject so we can dive in?

Thank you for asking.

We've developed a month long exploration with you!

Interesting Point of View is a DYNAMIC tool that was suggested and discussed a lot in the Art of Creation Class recently n Venice. 

Would you like TOTAL freedom from limitations and problems?

What will your life be like if you step into the space of non-judgment for more ease in your life, living, relationships and finances?

Every thought, every feeling, every emotion that we have, or anyone else has is just an interesting point of view.

Join us for this amazing challenge.  

2 Calls, Private Facebook Group - daily lives

Clearings, Questions, Recordings - oh my!

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