What if Your Imperfections are Actually Your Brilliance?

Sadie Lake

Kathy Williams 

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Betsy & Kathy

Kathy Williams is an international best selling author and has been facilitating transformation through workshops, classes & private sessions for over 16 years.

She is a dynamic speaker and transformational coach who works with clients internationally, and a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness® in Hawaii, and beyond. Kathy takes great joy in spreading consciousness on the planet! 

We bid a fond adieu to Sadie Lake - our co-founder of Imperfect Brilliance.  Sadie decided to pursue other interests and we miss on our show - we wish her the best in all her endeavors!  

Sadie now has a website - check it out here!  

Thank You for Finding Us!

Betsy McLoughlin is an international best selling author, and a dynamic facilitator who knows about change!  She has facilitated many clients who are choosing something different for their lives.  Betsy has used the tools of Access Consciousness® to completely transform her life - releasing depression and several illnesses.  

Now Betsy is joyfully claiming and acknowledging her many talents and abilities and using them to facilitate others to do the same as a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness®, an Access Body Process and Bars Facilitator, Coach, and change agent of magnitude. 

Betsy McLoughlin